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Well, it had to be addressed really, such a pivotal day for so many.  I very happily admit to speaking “fruit loop”, I’m comfortable being a bit out there in beliefs about spirituality, though I’m usually very careful about how much I let on to my clients as a lot of what I do is very much grounded on the physical plane.  Having said that, a large part of my treatment involves intuition, even in a basic remedial massage.

But especially so when I do craniosacral treatments.  There is structure to the treatment, a releasing of horizontal restrictions before working with the cranial bones to bring free movement of the craniosacral fluid around the brain and spine.  What happens when I work with someone who is energetically aware is that I get “intuitions” about what releases are happening and I am able to tell my client what issue has come up for release, because I feel if they are told then they can consciously release it themselves, making the release even more powerful.

So, to the energy of 12/12/12.  Maybe it’s just my imagination, I’d like to think not, but I feel like the messages are getting clearer.  An example – I felt there needed to be an energetic release around the navel of a client, that somehow the umbilical cord had been ripped out, energetically, before she was ready to release it.  Now this could mean lots of things and to be honest, I was thinking along the lines of miscarriage or abortion.  A very tricky topic to bring up with someone on your table, but I started to carefully mention the visual I had of a “cord” being yanked out and she very quickly realised exactly what it was – she was a twin and her twin had died in the womb!  She had grown up always feeling alone, like she was missing something.  Wow.  She thought she had dealt with that issue years before but there was still some residual energetic connection which was affecting her present life.

Would I have picked that up before the energetic shift this week?  Maybe.  Who knows.  But my treatments since the 12th have been very different, that I certainly cannot deny.

I think I might start being a bit more open about my inner fruit loop – I feel like the time has come.

Funnily enough, I started my blog at about 5.50 pm, when I knock off work at 6.  It probably wasn’t the smartest time to get all fired up and then have to shut it down to go home.  But as luck would have it, in came the perfect example of the kind of person who spends time on my table.

On the surface S looks like any ordinary 30 year old woman, young, vibrant, taking life on the jaw (I chose that word intentionally, you’ll see why).  She came to see me on the recommendation of her holistic dentist and we did a session of craniosacral therapy.  Each person I see has a totally different experience of CST and it’s always interesting and with S, it was no different.  We got some releases for her, some relaxation and some revelations about energetic things that were going on around her.  She’d toyed with different forms of exercise of late – hula hooping, pole dancing and most recently … boxing!  Two weeks ago she had her first professional match!  Unreal!  One broken nose and a whole heap of excitement and proud moments later she waltzed in to see one of the osteopaths I work with for a general treatment.  Three two-minute rounds in the ring was all it was, but the adrenaline lasted for days and she was still grinning ear to ear.  Would she do it again?  Absolutely!  But the courage to make this extraordinary change in her life came from embracing natural therapies, starting with her holistic dentist, who sent her to see my best mate – a kinesiologist and myself, and the continued support of her osteopaths.  I went home exhilarated, just from being around her amazing energy.  Thank you S.


Blogging.  This is a new thing for me.  One I’ve been told I should be doing as part of my social media exposure.  But I’m one of those people who reacts when told I should be doing something – so once I get off my high horse and think about it and weigh the pros and cons, I eventually get around to doing it.  Which brings me here.  How very indulgent to write a blog.  And who’ll want to read it (other than family of course who will have no choice)?  And what exactly should I blog about?

I’m a massage therapist.  Said like that it sounds quite ordinary.  What I love about what I do is the people I meet on a daily basis … they are the very special fabric that makes up my life.  I have learned about compassion, tolerance and openness, sharing, listening and laughing and sometimes crying.

So how will this work?  Who knows?  Watch this space.