Well, it had to be addressed really, such a pivotal day for so many.  I very happily admit to speaking “fruit loop”, I’m comfortable being a bit out there in beliefs about spirituality, though I’m usually very careful about how much I let on to my clients as a lot of what I do is very much grounded on the physical plane.  Having said that, a large part of my treatment involves intuition, even in a basic remedial massage.

But especially so when I do craniosacral treatments.  There is structure to the treatment, a releasing of horizontal restrictions before working with the cranial bones to bring free movement of the craniosacral fluid around the brain and spine.  What happens when I work with someone who is energetically aware is that I get “intuitions” about what releases are happening and I am able to tell my client what issue has come up for release, because I feel if they are told then they can consciously release it themselves, making the release even more powerful.

So, to the energy of 12/12/12.  Maybe it’s just my imagination, I’d like to think not, but I feel like the messages are getting clearer.  An example – I felt there needed to be an energetic release around the navel of a client, that somehow the umbilical cord had been ripped out, energetically, before she was ready to release it.  Now this could mean lots of things and to be honest, I was thinking along the lines of miscarriage or abortion.  A very tricky topic to bring up with someone on your table, but I started to carefully mention the visual I had of a “cord” being yanked out and she very quickly realised exactly what it was – she was a twin and her twin had died in the womb!  She had grown up always feeling alone, like she was missing something.  Wow.  She thought she had dealt with that issue years before but there was still some residual energetic connection which was affecting her present life.

Would I have picked that up before the energetic shift this week?  Maybe.  Who knows.  But my treatments since the 12th have been very different, that I certainly cannot deny.

I think I might start being a bit more open about my inner fruit loop – I feel like the time has come.