I LOVE working with pregnant ladies.  (Funnily enough I haven’t had any pregnant men to work with!)  Even though in the later stages they feel cumbersome and tired, their energy is usually soft, expectant and joyful. 

I use very light pressure on the legs generally as the increased volume of blood during pregnancy can cause blood clots and heavy pressure can dislodge these.  I don’t massage the tummy at any time during pregnancy.  I’m very cautious in the first trimester and will only give a relaxing back and neck massage.  By the middle of the second trimester and throughout the third I give a side-lying massage with pillows propping up the belly where necessary and of course in between the legs.  A massage can help to relieve the aches and pains associated with carrying a baby and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. 


I usually spend the last five to ten minutes of the massage doing some Reiki which helps to balance the energy and relieve anxiety. 

Remember – this may be the last time a woman has time to spend on herself for quite a while, unless of course they are super confident and able to leave their bub with daddy for an hour or so. 

Post natal massage is a very important treatment for new mums, helping them feel nurtured and cared for while they are adjusting to the new life they are leading.  It can also help to reduce the stress associated with new motherhood and post-natal blues. And of course I reckon every new mother has earned a massage as a reward for the amazing job they have done growing a new life inside them.