It may seem from my writing that I only see people with major illnesses, but actually, a good percentage of what I do is massage for stress relief.


I use different techniques according to how the person is feeling and what they would like to achieve.  Some people are remedial massage people – that’s what works best for them to relax their muscles and get them feeling fighting fit.  It always amazes me when I’ve finished a really deep massage that I personally think would have been quite painful (good pain that is) and the client says … “oh, that was so relaxing, I was falling asleep”.  My reaction is usually one of shock … “but I’ve been sticking my elbows into you, how could that be relaxing”. Just goes to prove we’re all different.  I’m partial to giving a moderate massage, deep but not digging in, working on spots that are tight with stretching or circular movements to release them.

Every now and then I get mums with young children who come in and they give me that look of terror that says “I’m so stressed I don’t care what you do – help!”.  My go-to treatment in that case is always craniosacral therapy.  I did my training with the Upledger Institute, here’s a link to their FAQs page,  People ask me what they will feel and I honestly can’t tell them as it’s so different for each person, but what is consistent is that clients get off the table and say a variation on “dunno what you did but I feel like I’ve slept for a week”.  Some people can’t articulate what they felt and that’s ok.  Others have emotional releases – laughter, tears and all in between.  Some fall straight to sleep.  Others remember events or people they haven’t thought of in ages.  No session is ever the same.

For many I use a combination of therapies.  What works really well is to start with some massage, say half hour to the back and neck followed by half hour of craniosacral.  This is what I offer those who are used to remedial massage but who want to try something new and it usually ends up becoming their regular massage combo.  I occasionally throw a bit of Reiki in at the end to balance the emotions and send clients out feeling like they’re floating. Mmmmm.

Stress relief is definitely one of the strongest benefits of massage – book yourself in for one today!