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It’s going to be quiet on the blogging front for me over the next couple of weeks as I will be moving practice.  Here’s the newsletter I sent out today …

I have very exciting news.

After four and a half years at Vital Lifestyle in Balgowlah, I have decided to set out on my own adventure and I’m thrilled to announce that from 2nd June 2014 I will be massaging out of a new space in Dale Street, Brookvale.

The move will take place in two parts – for the first two months I will be practicing out of the The Oasis, Suite 117/20 Dale Street, Brookvale 2100 – this is a very beautiful, peaceful space that I will share with the most amazing woman – Angela Bricknell.  Here are a couple of photos of the new space at The Oasis:


My new clinic will be available early in august and it promises to be a place of healing, relaxation and growth! The new address is Suite 204/20 Dale Street, Brookvale 2100.

A few admin notes

The building has a couple disabled parking spaces in the carpark below, with lift access to my floor, or a ramp out front if you park on street level.  There is limited visitor parking underneath the building or 2 hours free parking at the Medical Centre (10 Dale Street), 1 hour street parking or you could park at Warringah Mall.

I will not have reception services, so please feel free to call or text me on my mobile (0410 363 720) to make an appointment or you can click here to make your own booking online.

I will not have HICAPS facilities until I move into my permanent rooms, but I will be able to process credit or EFTPOS transactions and print you out a receipt to claim the old-fashioned way in the meanwhile.

I will continue to offer a range of massage modalities, primarily Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder), Remedial Massage and Craniosacral Therapy but of course will use other therapies as and when needed (including the Emmett Technique and Reiki).

I look forward to welcoming you into my new space soon.



2 June 2014 – The Oasis, Suite 117/20 Dale Street, Brookvale 2100

August 2014 – Suite 204/20 Dale Street, Brookvale 2100

This is a bit of feedback I received on Friday from a client who sent her daughter-in-law to see me seven weeks ago.  She had been a history of headaches but in the last three to four months they had been debilitating and nothing had been helping.  She had tried taking aspirin occasionally (didn’t want to take too many pain meds); chiropractic and osteopathic treatment gave limited relief – usually the headache would go away for a day then return.

Headaches (Photo courtesy google images)

We spoke about her symptoms and how craniosacral therapy (CST) could help her in theory, but that we wouldn’t know until we tried how she would react and if it would be beneficial.  I assured her that at least I could promise that she’d feel relaxed at the end of the treatment, the rest was unknown.

When I work with CST, I start by releasing horizontal restrictions, or diaphragms, in three areas – the pelvic area (which is really the area between the hip bones), the abdominal diaphragm (the area around the breathing diaphragm, just under the ribs) and up at the top of the chest just below the collar bones.  Her abdominal diaphragm felt very restricted to me, as if she wasn’t able to get a good, deep breath, so I asked her to breathe into the area and visualise it releasing.  Interestingly, after the treatment she said that she’d had part of her liver out and since then had found it difficult to breath (she hadn’t mentioned this when I was taking her history).  She generally felt more restricted on the left side of her head and when I mentioned that she confirmed her headaches are generally on the left and behind the eye.  She did feel much more relaxed after the session.

After the treatment I left it to her to see how she felt and get back to me for a follow up.  I hadn’t heard back until Friday when her mother-in-law said, “by the way, I meant to tell you, my daughter-in-law said the day after her treatment she had a really bad headache, but she realised recently that she hadn’t had any since”!

That to me is the best result – weeks later, suddenly realising you’re not in pain.  Ah, the power of subtle work.