I have an odd accent.  There’s no getting past it.  And I get asked where I come from at least three times a week, if not more.  So the answer is – would you like the short or long answer, because I am truly a citizen of the world.  A bit cliche I know, but it’s almost true.

I was born in Trinidad, a small island in the Caribbean and moved to London when I was 16.  I spent the next seven years there, studying, working and starting my family.  The next six years were spent in Singapore, adding to the family and embarking on what I’d call the spiritual learning part of my life.  On to Sydney, more motherhood, a bit more spiritual growth, getting back into the workforce as a teacher’s aide in my kids’ school then back to college to study massage.  This I could say was the physical learning phase.  Ten years later we packed up again and moved to Dubai for nearly two years.  I was able to work there  with both locals and foreigners, this was the cultural learning phase.  For the last three years I’ve been back in Sydney, working, learning and most of all integrating.

These days I can be found in Brookvale, NSW.  And more and more I am integrating the spiritual aspect with the physical side of my learning.

About 70% of what I do is manual lymphatic drainage, mainly with clients who have been through cancer, but also with those wanting to work on their immune systems or detoxify.

Remedial massage is a part of my toolbox, usually applied with other techniques, mainly The Emmett Technique.

Which brings us to The Emmett Technique.  Tricky to explain.  It’s a hands-on technique which switches muscles on or off, according to what is needed.

Then there’s the craniosacral technique.  The go-to technique for those with chronic illness or stress.  A very gentle holding of the bones in the skull to bring more movement, resulting in the freeing up of the craniosacral fluid which flows around the brain, resulting in a calming of nerves.

Most treatments are a combination of techniques, put together for the client’s specific needs at that moment in time.

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