Lisa is a Remedial Massage Therapist who no longer does remedial massage, but that’s her original qualification so that’s the job title she’s running with.  For now.

Lisa works predominantly with manual lymphatic drainage and also uses craniosacral therapy.  While hands-on treatment is why clients seek her out, Lisa uses intuitive tools to look at the emotional, mental and spiritual issues bubbling away in the background, so that a session is much more than just a physical massage.

She has been working with manual lymphatic drainage since 2006 and craniosacral therapy since 2007. Lisa has treated lymphoedema from many causes, lipoedema, auto-immune diseases, chronic conditions such as sinus,  and has worked with clients post cosmetic surgery.

The people seeking out her craniosacral work have changed over the years and while she still uses it to treat chronic conditions like migraines and headaches, she has seen a shift with people coming to work on their nervous system and emotional/mental imbalances.

Lisa’s room is filled with crystals, energy sprays, healing books and tools which instantly creates a feeling of safety, of being held and most importantly of being heard.

In 2019 Lisa started a qualification in Medical Intuition and will complete this is 2020.   This will give her an even more in-depth understanding of the hidden reasons behind physical pain and disease – the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that we are not aware of.

She has spoken at cancer support groups, The Encore Program and The Lipoedema Australia Conference 2018.