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Three weeks ago I had a new client come to see me.  Denise is a 63-year-old woman who had a sore, bruised and swollen thigh.

Her upper leg started to swell on Christmas Day for no reason at all.  She had a large lump/bump laterally on her knee.  She was sent for various tests … an MRI, ultrasound, x-ray … all were clear.

Then, about ten days before coming to see me, Denise developed bruises down her thigh.  No injury.  No trauma of any kind.  Her doctor took a sample of fluid from the swelling on her knee and found that it was actually dried blood – that was tested and given the all clear.  The last injury she could remember on her leg was a “cork” she’d received over forty years before.   Her doctor thought that perhaps the blood came from that incident but there was no conclusive evidence.

She had not been able to weight-bear the week before coming to see me, her leg had been too swollen and painful.  Her knee was so painful it had stopped her from playing lawn bowls and she couldn’t bend it to go up and down stairs.  Lawn bowls is the only exercise she’s been able to get since she had back issues three years ago, when she spent three weeks in hospital and walked for six months with a stick.

Denise was given a referral to see a knee specialist after a scan showed a possible bone on bone scenario, the report basically said she needed to get a new knee, but her GP disagreed with that finding and felt she needed another opinion.  The specialist looked at her scans and agreed, her knees were fine and they were not the cause of her problems.

She has multiple health issues including a prior clot that had made its way to her lung and polycystic and multi cystic kidney disease.  But none of these could be responsible for her leg swelling.

What brought Denise to me was a segment on A Current Affair called “Neck Pain No More” which featured Low Level Laser treatment for a number of conditions.  She had called the business featured in the segment and her name and number was taken but they were so overwhelmed with enquiries, they said they’d call her back (they still haven’t).  Two weeks later she was in my clinic because she had done a google search and found that I had a Low Level Laser.  I’d post a link to the segment but when I tried to watch it online I could find the text but the video was incorrect (I have written to ACA to ask them to fix it, they are working on it).

So, here are some photos of Denise’s leg when she came to my clinic that first day.




We decided to do some manual lymphatic drainage as well as laser and Denise wanted to work intensively, as she was going away for three months and wanted to feel better before she went.  The trip was in two weeks from the day she came to me.  That first day we did 15 minutes of laser and the rest was lymphatic drainage.  At the start her knee was painful when I touched it but by the end of the session her pain levels were down.

We did four treatments the first week and three the second, increasing the amount of laser to 25 minutes.  Each day the swelling and bruising reduced.  Most days she felt her walking improved but the bending was still restricted.

By the fourth treatment she felt she could get out of chairs easier.  At the fifth treatment the bruising was almost gone and the ladies at the bowling club had “diagnosed” her with bursitis.  She had gone home and googled the condition and felt it fit for her.  I must point out, this is not a medical diagnosis, it’s peer diagnosis. But she was happy with that.

By the last treatment she could get in and out of her car much easier and the bruising was gone and swelling was down.  She was a happy lady when she set off on her trip.

Here are some photos taken on her final treatment.







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I have to start this post by saying a big thank you to Kate, who has kindly given me some photos of herself to use to demonstrate how beneficial Manual Lymphatic Drainage is for bruising.

Kate is one of my regulars, but she usually comes for a remedial massage.  She is a very fit, energetic mother of three who trains hard in her spare time, in between mothering, being a wife and helping to run a small charity called “The Sisterhood”.

The Sisterhood collections donations and supports The Manly Women’s Shelter with items such as toiletries, cleaning goods and equipment and a regular delivery of organic, free range mince as well as home-made meals for their freezer.  The Sisterhood also organises micro finance loans, particularly lending to the Kiva Foundation, helping women in impoverished communities around the world.

As if her life isn’t busy enough, Kate and three friends recently participated in The 2013 Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.  In case you’re wondering, that’s a 200km bike ride over two days!  A few weeks ago, while on holiday in Queensland and doing a training ride, Kate was knocked off her bike by a car.  Luckily she wasn’t hurt and after a week or so with her feet firmly on the ground and a couple osteopathic treatments she was back on her bike training.  About 10km before the end of the event Kate came off her bike, losing consciousness for a very short while and she was taken off to hospital for a thorough check.  So disappointing to be that close to the end and not be able to finish, but her team mates continued the ride at her request and completed it.  Amazingly, the only injury Kate sustained was bruising to her face and one small bruise on her leg.  Doesn’t that just show how fit and strong she is?

Kate had an appointment booked in with me for a remedial massage the Saturday after the ride but of course with her bruising there was no way she could lie face down so we did a lymphatic drainage instead.  She came in for a follow-up on the Tuesday.  She took the first photo a day or two after the race and the second photo was taken three days after her second treatment.  Spot the difference anyone?


I know I usually post about people who are courageous in spite of their illness or circumstance, but this post is about courage of a different kind – courage to lead a life that gives back to those who are less fortunate.  Well done Kate – truly an inspiration.