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Chat with my friend Annie, a two-time breast cancer survivor. Here is an important message “chemo brain” sifted out of the conversation but which Annie would really like people to hear:
Most importantly, CONTINUE TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS LADIES (AND MEN), both personally and professionally – have your mammogram and ultrasound annually, because without it, this would be a very different story. She’s being treated as an early breast cancer survivor, not metastatic”

Annie didn’t mention as well that before her surgery she purchased two new compressions sleeves, one for each arm so that she could get compression on straight away to minimise lymphoedema developing in the second arm.  She also wears night-time compression on her right arm because of her original lymphoedema.


Interview with a two-time cancer survivor


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New Year's Eve fireworks

I got to thinking, many resolutions are made at this time of year and how different they must be according to where you live, how old you are and your state of health. Someone asked me last night if I have a “theme” for next year and I thought it was a fantastic question … I sure do have a theme, as well as some general resolutions. I’m focussing on gratitude but also on living and working from a space of love. Gratitude first of all for my beautiful family, my own good health and the health of said beautiful family (I am reminded daily that this is not something to take for granted). Gratitude for the amazing country that I live in and the safety and opportunities it provides me on a daily basis. Gratitude for all the inspiring people who help me along the way and keep me grounded. And gratitude for all I learn on a daily basis.
I sat and watched the 9pm fireworks at Manly last night with some of my most special friends and was again reminded that I have so much to be grateful for.
Happy New Year, may 2014 bring all that you deserve and more.