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Chat with my friend Annie, a two-time breast cancer survivor. Here is an important message “chemo brain” sifted out of the conversation but which Annie would really like people to hear:
Most importantly, CONTINUE TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS LADIES (AND MEN), both personally and professionally – have your mammogram and ultrasound annually, because without it, this would be a very different story. She’s being treated as an early breast cancer survivor, not metastatic”

Annie didn’t mention as well that before her surgery she purchased two new compressions sleeves, one for each arm so that she could get compression on straight away to minimise lymphoedema developing in the second arm.  She also wears night-time compression on her right arm because of her original lymphoedema.


Interview with a two-time cancer survivor


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Something Angela and I have been talking about since I started sharing the space at The Oasis is the idea of setting up a group of women who gather to enjoy positive company, inspiring conversation and expanding their social circle with like-minded women.  We had seen a growing need to connect women from our community with each other and The Purple Tent is the fruit of that discussion.

The name “Purple Tent” is derived from the global women’s group based on the book The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant, but we felt we didn’t want to restrict our gathering solely to womanly topics, but wanted it to be a place to share any new ideas we (as in all the women present) had been exposed to.  Purple, the colour of intuition, was very appropriate for the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  And as Angela said at our first meeting last Friday – she just likes the colour!

Purple Tent

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We only gave three days’ notice of the gathering so we had no idea how many would turn up on the night.  We ended up having eleven in all, some were clients, some were friends and some fell into both categories.

Conversation was varied, at the start we talked amongst ourselves then we shared a few experiences or stories as a group.  I shared about an amazing group sound healing I had attended at Be Still and Chill; Angela shared about her new passion for creating edible gardens which brought an animated discussion on different vegetables that were being grown in our various homes, when to harvest (when they look good to eat was the general response!) and how to prepare certain herbs; then someone shared about her experience attending a concert given by the Soweto Gospel Choir – beautiful voices and costumes.  She felt a bit restricted at first as people were not getting up and dancing and she desperately needed to move to the music, but eventually the vibes kicked in and she was able to get up without feeling disapproving glares from the people behind her.  Gotta move to the music!

Very varied topics indeed.

People drifted in and out and it was a very relaxed affair.  New friends were made, things were learnt and calm and connection were certainly present.

We haven’t decided how often we’ll hold these groups, we’re thinking once a month or every six weeks.

What topics do you think would be good to cover at our next group?